Some Differences Between Estate Planning and Asset Protection in St. George

Some Differences Between Estate Planning and Asset Protection in St. George

Everybody must need a legal financial plan, particularly as they get older. However, not everybodyrecognizes how to go about the legal aspects of protecting what they have earned. As we begin to prepare for the near future, many of our customers begin to think about the difference between estate planning and asset protectionin St. George.

Some Differences Between Estate Planning and Asset Protection in St. George

Understanding the Basics of Estate Planning and Asset Protection

These are the basics you have to understand about these two main legal concepts:

  1. Estate planning is about making for what will happen to everything you own if you pass away or become unable to make decisions because of disability or illness.
  2. Asset protection generally covers your assets as well as income when you are alive.

Estate planning includes the assistance of a qualified estate planning attorney in establishing a will, making trusts to make sure your fund goes where you want it to go after your death, in addition to selecting somebody to correctly oversee your estate. Click here to learn about estate planning after divorce.

However, there are times when the two connections, since estate planning can consist of strategies to protect your properties from going to the government, irresponsible adult children,ex-spouses, etc.

Do I Need an Asset or Estate Plan?

Both asset protection and estate planning are related to the law of the elderly, but they are not only for seniors. These are essential legal steps that everybody should take, in spite of income or age.Actually, estate planning may be more significant for those people with lower incomes or few assets, particularly when planning how to support loved ones whether you need to stay in a nursing home.

It is important to establish estate plans and asset protection when they are needed. Getting in front of sudden life changes can assist avoid severe monetary hurdles, such as dealing with probate or struggling to know Medicaid’s five-year look back period before you cover the budgets of a nursing home stay. visit at the learns more about an Estate plan.

However, the use of a trust for asset protection has limitations.

  1. To protect creditors’ assets, an estate planning attorney will probably include a wasteful provision in your documents. But a wasteful disposition can’t be used with a revocable trust.
  2. The trust must be for the advantage of the beneficiaries and not of the person who creates it.
  3. The beneficiaries can’t participate in the management of the trust and can’t make modifications to its terms.

There are many other benefits and limitations to using a living trust for asset protection, and a qualified Saint George Estate Planning Attorney will be able to work with customers to govern if it is a useful strategy based on the needs of each individual.

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